Middle East Impromptu | بداهه‌ی خاورمیانه


ویدیو، سیاه‌وسفید، ۵ دقیقه، ناطق

حرّافی گزنده و پرطعنه‌ی هنرمند که به انگلیسی‌ای بد جملات مفهوم و نامفهوم می‌گوید در باب موجودیت جغرافیایی خاورمیانه، آخرین جنگ عراق، صحنه هنر معاصر ایران و منطقه و الخ

2007, single channel video, black and white, 5 minutes, sound

A sarcastic rant by the artist. With bad English he utters both articulate and inarticulate sentences questioning the geographical existence of the Middle East, the last Iraq war, the contemporary art scene in Iran and the region. The monologue ends with : And one day you will see my innocent semen on your mattress / and you experience me. / Tis other, / this merchandise from far lands / and you feel that it could have been yours. / You still want to keep this dismem- / dis- / dis- / dismembered i / and you’ll try to hang on to this delayed i / and then you feel my skin growing on you, / my beard on your face / and my wool on your breasts and / my eyelids around your anus. / Then you shall never forget me.