The Incredulity of Saint Barbad



The Incredulity of Saint Barbad was exhibited in a multi-media group exhibition (with Shahab Fotouhi, Amir Moabed, Bita Fayyazi, Rokn e’ddin Ha’eri, Jinous Taghizadeh, Atila Pesyani’s performance group) called “For Bam”, in memory of Bam earthquake.

Place: a warehouse near The Iranian Artists Forum (Tehran)

The artist’s work consisted of 6 projections of videos, photos and slides on 6 walls.

On “For Bam”:

For Bam by the participants in “Gozaresh.(Read this in Persian)

For Bam by Antonia Carver in “Camera-Austraia.

Manner of earth, act of art by B. Ziyayi in “Bya.(Read this in Persian)



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