Dear Hassan,

I hope you're doing fine. I wanted to speak with you more, but you were quite busy at your opening in Le Plateau. And I was in a rush myself for that was my last day in Paris.

I was asked to make a work for a project called “Central Asian Portraits”. I made an anti-prologue for it. As we know, a pre-face is always a post-script, written after the main text. I wanted it either way.


I have dedicated the work to you and let us take this dedication as a praise of at least one nameless in the works of yours I’ve seen. There is nothing Gnostic about what I say. Shall I call this an essence? A substratum if you prefer, but I see shifts and no anchors, no centers if you prefer. The video is neither about you nor your works, but deliberately and partially about what I find in confrontation with those I’ve seen of you, of being still undercurrent. It’s important to notice that I am not merely disputing the central as an opponent of the marginal; your works have set a good example for the poverty of this binary. And I take this dedication – and not the dedicated work itself, because, in the order of the plastic, it’s not there to dialogue with your works – as paying tribute to impossibly simple experiences. This could be simply a matter of careless look in the eyes of your G.R.A.H.A.M, or how his head meets haziness or the time he lights his cigarette – I’ve been waiting for him to do so from the very beginning.


Although the epoch is weary of oxymorons, I cannot stop believing that I have dedicated this work to those moments I saw you dealing with the impossibility of the possibilities in our old dreary plain of the feasible.


Am I saying it’s all about how you have said it? “Do not despair: one of the thieves was saved.  Do not presume: one of the thieves was damned.” Perhaps, with no regards to what believers can extract from Augustine’s brilliant words, the sliding about within this utterance lasts for seconds or even minutes. Probably that is to say, it is a matter of how you have said it (if you’ve ever said it) and you have said it, probably, with no anchors and within shifts or you have never pronounced it, I shall say.


Yours truly,


Tehran, Nov 11, 2007