Alephallus and the History of Image




Total Running Time: 5 minutes

Date of Completion: 2004

Country of Production: France

Original Language: English

Featuring: Reef Cohen


Brief Synopsis: The film starts with a silhouette profile of a woman sitting in front of a window at night. The image is fuzzy, obscure and grainy. Behind the window there is a river. The woman is singing: Alé…. Trying to say “Aleph” *. She sings and sings. At the end, a boat appears moving towards her. At this precise moment while the boat is passing and its projectors are illuminating, she sings “Aleph” completely. The boat leaves the frame and picture fades to black.


* Aleph is the first letter of Hebrew, Persian and Arabic alphabets.












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a b o u t w o r k s w r i t i n g s c o n t a c t h o m e