A Shoora Fugue


video installation

(2 screens)

Total Running Time: 6 minutes

Date of Completion: 2007

Country of Production: France

Original Language: English

1. "Bound By (Verbunden-Gebunden)", curated by Claudia- Maria-Luenig, Basement gallery, Vienna, Austria.

2. "Within and Without; Contemporary Iranian Art", Nomoregrey Gallery, curated by Neda Dana-Haeri,  London, UK.


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Substitution of one thing for  another. Accumulation of things. The endless chain of signifiers. A closed dictionary. Then weary, you hang on to a quilting point. A birthmark on a breast as an island. An island for home. My home. Not Iran. But what can one do with the gap between the words? The difference leads us to the festivity of love. That gap, that difference is distressful, it is joyous.



a b o u t w o r k s w r i t i n g s c o n t a c t h o m e