The Untitled Tomb | مَزارِ بی‌نام‌و‌نِشان


 آهن و دوده. تهران، گورستان بهشت زهرا. ۶۰.۵ × ۱۳۵ × ۰.۲ سانتی‌متر. سنگ‌نبشت: فارسی، نسخ چاپی. به سفارش خانواده‌ی متوفی

2012, iron, soot. Behesht-e Zahra Cemetery, Tehran. 60.5 x 135 x 0.2 cm. Commission of the family of the deceased. Epitaph: Persian, Naskh.

نشان مزاری‌ست برای مردی که به دلایل سیاسی نمی‌گذارند سنگ قبر داشته باشد. آغاز هر فصل خانواده با استنسیل به گورستان می‌روند، استنسیل را بر گور می‌گذارند و دوده می‌پاشند تا متن نقش ببندد 

An ephemeral grave marker for a man who for political reasons was denied an actual tombstone. Each time the family visits the cemetery, they bring the stencil with them, place it on the grave and stealthily pour soot powder on it. The epitaph reads: “Here Mim Kaf Mim Aleph [literally, his initials, M. K. M. A.] does not rest. He is dead. Layer beneath layer dead. Depth beyond depth. Each time deeper. Each death deeper. Stone upon stone. Each stone deeper. Each stone a death. Mim Kaf Mim Aleph has no stone. Has never had. No trace of it (also to be understood as: so be it). Never in all deaths. December came and Mim Kaf Mim Alif was no longer [there]. Is not.”

The Untitled Tomb at LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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