In Mourning | وقت مصیبت


تعزیه‌ی ویدیویی، صامت، سیاه و سفید، ۲۸ دقیقه

2014, video-reenactment, HD, silent, black and white, 28 mins

با فرزانه طاهری و غزل گلشیری و سنگ گور هوشنگ گلشیری در خانه‌ی آن‌ها. سنگ اکنون در قطعه‌ی ۹ گورستان امام‌زاده طاهر در مهر شهر کرج است

With Farzaneh Taheri, Ghazal Golshiri, the artist’s mother and sister and Houshang Golshiri’s tombstone in their house. The artist made this video before replacing his father’s vandalised tombstone with that of his own creation. The video refers to a quatrain by Roudaki (died 941): Not for this reason black my hair I dye / To look more young and vices new to try / People in time of grief don raiment black / I black my hair in grief at old age nigh.